To Foster is to Share Heart and Home with a Child

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Guestbook Entries

“Hi Amanda, If you send me an email I'd be happy to help you get started. Take care and talk soon, AMY 754-0213”
~ Amy, NLFFA
“Hi I am have always wanted to become a foster parent and I was where do I start?Thanks Amanda”
~ amanda gale-english, CBS
“Natasha, can you send me an email so that I can provide some more information on the application process? Thanks :)”
~ Amy, NLFFA, St. John's
“I would love to become a foster parent, how would I go about doing so?”
~ Natasha, Torbay
“Marionanne Squires Lynch, thank you for your inquiry. Can you call the office 1-877-754-0218 or email”
~ Amy, NLFFA, St. John's
“Charmaine, Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. If you'd like to have a chat, feel free to call our office 1-877-754-0213 or email Take care, Amy”
~ Amy, NLFFA, St. John's
“Jacqueline, Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Please call the office 1-877-754-0218 or email if you'd like to chat further. All the best, Amy”
~ Amy, NLFFA, St. John's
“As a child I was in foster care and the family that took me in was great, will never forget what they done for me and i would not be the woman or mother I am today if it wasn't for them! Wish them all well. They Are Melvin and Vickey Madore of Gallants Nl.”
~ Charmaine Collins, Lewisporte NL
“After three previous placements, my two sisters and I were placed in a foster home on Bell Island. The term Foster was never heard again. We had a mom and a dad and a wonderful home.”
~ Jacqueline Young, Cambridge, On
“Hi Anita, It's great to hear back from you. I've responded to your email with the requested information. All the best!”
~ Amy, NLFFA, St. John's
“I would love to take part in fostering a child, perferably 2 so child won't be alone, and from the same family (siblings); 2 girls first, or if not, 2 boys.”
~ Anita Proctor, Felix Cove, NL
“Hi Anita, That is wonderful news. If you'd like to email me or call 1-877-754-0218 I can talk to you about applying to foster. Thanks!”
~ Amy, NLFFA, St. John's
“Hi there My husband and I just retired and would love to start Fostering 2 children. We've been married for 28 years. Our home is a 3 bedroom. Thankyou. Alec and Anita”
~ Anita Proctor, Port au Port, NL
“Hi Bonnie- Thanks so much for your comments. We look forward hearing from you as it gets closer to your move to NL!”
~ Amy, NLFFA, St. John's, NL
“Been fostering for 23 years and was secretary of FFA for several years. Looking at moving to Bell Island, NL in the next five years. Very informative website.”
~ Bonnie Palfrey, Cambridge, ON
“Hi Grace, Thanks for your comment. For your information, we do have many foster parents who work both full and part-time. There are supports that can be put in place (i.e., childcare) to allow this to happen. If you'd like to hear more, please call me at 1-877-754-0218 or email”
~ Amy, NLFFA, St. John's, NL
“If I didn't have to work I would love to be a foster parent. I love kids. I would like to make a difference in a kid s life. Keep up the good work”
~ Grace Pollard, Norris arm nl
“Thanks for the positive feedback, Julie. We are glad that you found our resources helpful :)”
~ Amy, NLFFA, St. John's, NL
“Julie, Thank you so much for the positive feedback. We are glad that you found it helpful :)”
~ Amy, NLFFA, St. John's, NL
“I love your website and your ideas. I am the President of our local and I am looking for ideas for our foster families beyond what we already do and your website proved very resourceful. Thank you.”
~ Julie Holmlund, Kelowna, BC
“Hi, My name is Sarah. I'm 17. I've been in foster care since I was 10 years old. ...and through my years of foster homes, I have seen kids go from home to home ...and don't have a house to call HOME!! ... I really hope people will start to become a foster mom or dad...because we need you GUYS!!!”
~ Sarah, NL
“Hi Carly If you'd like to give us a call at the office or send an email, we can provide you with some information about applying to become a foster parent. There is a need for homes for both boys and girls. Please find our contact info on the "Contact Us" tab. Thanks for your message :)”
~ Amy, NLFFA, St. John's
“i wanted to know if could get a lettle girl send me messeg back. ”
~ carlymclean, st jons foster care
“Wanda, We look forward to hearing from you when you move back to NL. All the best! ”
~ Amy, NLFFA, St. John's
~ wandaburt, ontario
“When i came to look at this website i was shocked at how many children needed a home! i congradulate you for all your hard work and effort to get these children a safe home (for a time period)!!!!!! ”
~ Kaitlyn Morey, Newfoundland,CA
“Hi Nicole, Thanks for your message. If you'd like to find out more about becoming a foster parent, please call our toll free number at 1-877-754-0218 or email me Thanks, we hope to hear from you!”
~ Amy, NLFFA, St. John's
“As a profrssional in our community with only one child, I have recently been considering becomming a foster parent. My line of work deals strictly with individuals on income support and therefore, I feel I can offer great support to foster children! Only time will tell!”
~ Nicole Kelly, Marystown
“David, thanks for the great feedback. We're very pleased with the new site as well.”
~ Amy, St. John's
“Thoroughly enjoy the new website. I have had the privilege of working with many foster parents, witnessing first hand the effort they give to a foster child that needs them. It is challenging work but based on comments I have heard from foster parents - worth every minute. ”
~ David Oxford, RSW, Gambo
“Thanks to both of you for the great feedback on the site. We're very pleased with it! Susie, if you'd like more information on becoming a foster parent, please send me an email or call the office. Our contact info is under the "Contact Us" tab. Thanks again! NLFFA”
~ Amy, St. John's
“Really enjoyed the site, and would love to become a foster parent, and im already a mother of two... ”
~ Susie Smith, St.Anthony,NL
“Great website! Informative and interesting. Amazing and well-explained content. A good example for websites of the same area. ”